3.1 Fishing Roundup [Updated]

New Fishing Bobbers in Patch 3.1 Known changes found in patch 3.1 PTR. Not yet "live":

More minor changes listed below.

The change to One That Didn't Get Away is not retrospective: Even if you have the Crawdad and Crafty achievements, you will not gain One That Didn't Get Away automatically.

For a detailed, illustrated guide, read Patch 3.1 Changes.

Archive Comments

  1. el, February 2009:

    As a footnote there are currently many bugs with the fishing achievements:

    • Accomplished Angler: Includes There's Gold in That Fountain, even though The Coin Master already requires this.
    • A Penny For Your Thoughts: Duplicates the first 2 entries (Footman and Alonsus Faol).
    • Silver in the City: Includes Murky's Copper Coin.
    • Northrend Angler: Includes Brackish Mixed School, yet none are known to exist in Northrend.

    In addition, data-mining suggest the Old Ironjaw achievement can be completed by catching Old Crafty - but I'm not prepared to check that one manually!

  2. Kalito, March 2009:

    Something that strikes me as odd is that the "One That Didn't Get Away" achievement will include Old Crafty but NOT Old Ironjaw?

  3. el, March 2009:

    Indeed, currently it doesn't make much sense. It is possible the change to One That Didn’t Get Away is not intended, or a change was intended but they forgot to add Old Ironjaw.

  4. Savian, March 2009:

    I hope they change it to reward the 'One That Didn't Get Away' achievement retroactively, speaking from the standpoint of a person with Old Crafty, Old Ironjaw and Mr. Pinchy in his pockets. That is assuming this change is actually going to be released on live servers.

  5. sawyer, March 2009:

    mini level?

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  8. Randomer, March 2009:

    Anyone know if you'll get Credit if you have previously got Pinchy,Crafty or Ironjaw(assuming they'll add Ironjaw since Crafty is in) achievements and the fish is still in your possession?

    I caught Crafty and Ironjaw a while back on my alt, have both the achievements and both the fish still in my bank. Can't access the PTR so any confirmation would be great.

  9. Warlock, March 2009:

    I should point out, at the start of the PTRs, a lot of achievements were reverted to beta versions (for example, a lot that were taken out of the meta were added back in). I'm guessing that's what happened here with "One That DIdn't Get Away", since those were all possible fish in the beta, and it was changed just before retail.

  10. el, March 2009:

    Randomer - Not retrospective on the PTR. In one case I have a "spare" Pinchy in the bank, and did not gain One That Didn’t Get Away.

    Warlock - Agreed, although in this case it would be a partial change back to WotLK beta because 113 Pound Swordfish and Ironjaw are still not in the PTR achievement, which they were at the start of beta.

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  12. Warlock, March 2009:

    Right, it's odd. Maybe from a beta build that wasn't released to the public where those two had already been removed? Who knows :P I can't imagine it's intended though, since there are already achievements for all those fish (though it would certainly make that achievement much less annoying :)

    It's a shame though, I thought for sure the new turtle pets found in the data files would come from the fishing daily :(

  13. el, March 2009:

    The official word is that adding Crafty and Pinchy to One That Didn’t Get Away "may be a bug".

  14. NobleHelium, March 2009:

    sawyer above is asking what the level requirement for the quests are.

  15. el, March 2009:

    Character level is not known. They are not available at level 58 (with fishing skill 1). The WotLK cooking daily was about level 65 and 350 cooking skill, so perhaps the fishing daily will be the similar? Unfortunately, there are not many lower-level characters on test realms, so finding out is difficult.

  16. Azaguth, March 2009:

    Any idea where the new "Baby Coralshell Turtle" will be found?

  17. Elitethis, March 2009:

    The patch just downloaded and people got the notes out of it and guess what us fishers are gonna get a chance of and this is direct
    " * A new (and very rare) special mount can now be caught from Northrend fishing pools."
    finally those hours of grinding skill up to 450 now be worth something.

  18. Azaguth, March 2009:

    Would be nice to know which zones or which specific fishing nodes have the best chance to drop the baby coralshell turtle.

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