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Book of Glyph Mastery Resarch - Typo2vladdyJune 2009
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Sea Turtle Caught on Ravenholdt (US) !1ToddApril 2009
Mod that shows undiscovered glyphs both minor and Northrend3miderApril 2009
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PTR 3.116jetahFebruary 2009
According to ARL2jetahFebruary 2009
Thank you El!1kiwibearJanuary 2009
Level up inscription before finishing minor research?3Nick255December 2008
Help! I'm maxed out and the gold train is gone!11TantorothDecember 2008
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"Secret" chances in Fishing1golbezNovember 2008
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Advice on dropping profession4MrpooterOctober 2008
Inscription without BC2diskadOctober 2008
vellum question5ArchealOctober 2008
No discovery of a Minor Glyph!!?!16skaarakOctober 2008
Is there a level requirement for beyond 300?4BruigOctober 2008
How to track known Minor Inscriptions?5Jon DoOctober 2008
Leveling Guide1CatwalkOctober 2008
Minor Reseach List7NiceBlokeOctober 2008
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Milling bug issue6TantorothOctober 2008
Forum Downtime3elOctober 2008
Tarot Cards5DeathxtremeOctober 2008
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Earning Money with Inscriptions ?2NellaOctober 2008
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Prices for glyphs,etc10KaeroOctober 2008
365 in skill is cap in inscription?7TjoaOctober 2008
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Value of inscription profession....3FelkanSeptember 2008
No longer has a Glyph Mastery for the bonus glyph slot311mSeptember 2008
Has anyone got info on Rep rewards for Inscription2ArchealSeptember 2008
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Engineering question2NecoSeptember 2008
Scroll questions8GummoSeptember 2008
Extra Glyph Slot?7NecoSeptember 2008
Decyphering3AtlantizSeptember 2008
Scroll stacking2leonal.eeSeptember 2008
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Corrections2vchan000September 2008
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Great start, El!6BalazarAugust 2008
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